The Milwaukee Penguins

The Milwaukee Penguins is the Division 1A collegiate football team for Milwaukee College. We're a school "known for its academics." This is a record of our accomplishments, on the field and off.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Run and Gun Playbook

If there's one thing I absolutely hate in the whole wide world it's Steve Spurrier's term "Run and Fun". It's gotten so that I've actually become to hate the man himself. Which is OC. I guess the reason why I so dislike the term "Run and Fun" has something to do with Spurrier's success as a coach. It's one thing to have a dominant team and have "fun" running over your opponent's defense, and it's another thing to have a crappy team and implement "Run and Fun" while you are just a bottom feeder in your division. I guess he experienced a bit of that during his stint in the Pros. It is this idea of "having fun" while "dominating" that grates me in a way that probably shouldn't. Isn't being a winner supposed to take hard work? Isn't winning the National Championship an exhaustive (an, okay, exhilirating) task? One can easily argue: Winning IS fun. During Spurrier's stint in the National Football League, I wonder if his "Run and Fun" was actually still fun to run.

After our first loss, I did something drastic and threw out the Option Offense. It's drastic because we had used it for all our pre-season games. I liked the Maryland-I formation; I liked having Wetzel (HB) line up behind Barber (HB) line up behind Ciraldo (FB). But I realized that to really get the most out of the Option Offense, you need a quick-footed Quarterback. Ross (QB #1) is a gem of a quarterback with good field vision, a classic pocket quarterback. We were fooling both of ourselves thinking that she had the feet to go upfield.

So I pulled out the old Run and Gun offense. Ah ... 5-wide sets, with one of my tight-ends lining up as the fifth wide-receiver. I still had the triple option available to me so that my Fullback would get some opportunities up the middle. We tried some Ace sets, both trips and straight. I decided on my audibles, two of them, L1 and R1, screen plays for Wetzel (HB #47) and Montgomery (WR). I turned on the ancient air-conditioner in my apartment. Got ready to go to New Brunswick, NJ, the "birthday place of college football."


UPDATE on yesterday's incident. I was talking to my freshman defensive tackle, telling her about the incident in the alley - the one with the kids stealing bikes out of my friends' backyard. When I got to the point when one of the toughies threatened us with "go get Fat Tuesday", she stopped me and said, "I KNOW FAT TUESDAY!"