The Milwaukee Penguins

The Milwaukee Penguins is the Division 1A collegiate football team for Milwaukee College. We're a school "known for its academics." This is a record of our accomplishments, on the field and off.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Season 3, Game 12:vs Louisiana Tech

Louisiana Tech Bulldogs (6-4, #53) at Milwaukee College Penguins (9-2, #33)

Bowl position is foremost on our minds, but there's also the crazy race for the Offensive Lineman of the year award! For the last two years our left guard Buccheri (LG #59) has won the award. This year, the Penguins sport the three finalists: Buccheri, of course, but also her counterpart Leplae (RG #69) and Bogner (LT #52). Some might be surprised at Bogner making the top cut, but nobody this side of Lake Michigan should be. Third down quarterback Koch (QB #22) always runs to the left side of the field; I think that leads to Bogner getting more opportunities for pancake blocks. It's a great rivalry in the trenches.

It practically took all our attention so that when the game started, we were caught unawares by the Bulldogs. They've won five straight and, while bowl eligible with six wins, needs that seventh one to make their case more loudly. One can argue that they needed this game more than us.

They certainly played that way. We traded touchdown after touchdown until the middle of the second quarter. We then fumbled the ball two straight times and they scored 21 unanswered points to go into the half leading 42-21.

I gave the harangue of my life. I wanted the win. I wanted to be undefeated at home. I wanted the momentum going into the post-season. I wanted the nice balance of finishing 10-2 when just two seasons ago we were 2-10. Then the seniors of the team took over. For many of my players - Wetzel, Root (QB #5), Bennett (CB #10), Buccheri, Bogner, Love (RT #70) among them - this was going to be their last game playing at Rolling Mills, in front of the partisan crowd. Over a third of the team is going to graduate! Love said it best, in his squeaky voice, "We ain't going out like that."

We put on a clinic in the second half. On the first drive, Wetzel (HB #47) punched it in to make it 42-28. Then the defenses took over; they made the proper adjustments and kept us scoreless for the rest of the quarter, but we did the same to them.

At the beginning of the fourth, Foldy (FB #29) scores his second TD of the day to make it 42-35. Even though they responded on the next drive with a field goal, the outcome seemed inevitable. Foldy would score again to make it 45-42. Our defense, spearheaded by my brother Umali (CB #73) with eight tackles and two sacks, forced another three-and-out and on our next drive Wetzel finishes the improbably comeback victory with his second TD of the half.

Jubilation on the field. A near riot. Root nearly in tears.

FIre up the vegan grill.


score: 45-49
first downs: 17-33
total offense: 504-627
rushes - yards: 19-42 --- 35-197
comp-att-TD: 21-37-3 --- 31-51-2
passing yards: 462-430
sacked: 3-2
turnovers: 1-2
fumbles - lost: 3-1 --- 3-2
intercepted: 0-0
top: 13:28 - 18:32


Koch (QB #22) 199.7 rating, 12-16 for 159 yards, 2 TD; 7-79 (11.2 avg) rush
Root (QB #5) 119.3 rating, 19-35 for 271
Wetzel (HB #47) 17-110 (6.4 avg), 2 TD
Foldy (FB #29) 6-17 (2.8 avg), 3 TD
Franklin (WR #81) 15-231 rec (15.3 avg), 2 TD


Umali (CB #73) 8 tackles (2 for loss), 2 sacks
Conti (MLB #72) 7 tackles
Miller (RE #62) 4 tackles, 2 forced fumbles
Division (ROLB #39) 3 tackle (1 for loss)
Germain (DT #91) 2 tackles (2 for loss), 1 sack

Note: While I did make mention of the fight for Best Offensive Lineman, I should acknowledge the accolades I've received as a coach. As the person calling the plays as well as recruiting in the off season, I'm proud to take full responsibility for the stunning turn around this team has undergone in just three short seasons. My efforts have not gone unnoticed. Not only is the Milwaukee College Athletic Department going to reward me with a "lengthy" contract, the NCAA is also pegging me to win Coach of the Year honors. I hate to jinx like I just did, but damn, that would be great for recruiting.