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The Milwaukee Penguins is the Division 1A collegiate football team for Milwaukee College. We're a school "known for its academics." This is a record of our accomplishments, on the field and off.

Friday, May 12, 2006

The Tangerine Bowl

The Tangerine Bowl

Milwaukee College Penguins (10-2, #27) vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (8-4, #26)

The Tangerine Bowl, aka the Florida Citrus Bowl, usually features teams from the SEC and the Big 10. Well, here we are, a league-less team, hoping to complete a Cinderella season with an upset of the George Tech Yellow Jackets. Never have we played in front of a such a big crowd: over 70,000 in paid attendance.

And Root (QB #5), my starting quarterback, felt it. She played nervous, completing only one out of her first seven passes. It's a good thing that our defense stepped up their play. After Louisiana Tech showed what can be done against our secondary, I ran extra drills in preparation for this game. It looks like the Tigers did the same, as the score remained nil-nil until a long touch down drive capped by a short run by, who else, Wetzel (HB #47) gave us the first lead.

8 seconds left in the half. The Tigers get a good kick return. Their QB chucks it deep and connects on the 19 yard line. Time runs out. The officials, though, call one of us - I won't name who - for a face-mask penalty. The rules says that the game and the half can't end on a penalty, so out trots the Tigers' field goal unit and they escape with three points.

I was furious! I gave it to my team in the spacious locker room.

The third quarter featured more defensive mastery from each team. Then, the Tigers put together the most incredible touchdown drive. They did what no other team against us: milk the clock. And they went 3-for-3 on fourth downs! I couldn't believe their luck. Or skill. Everybody was getting antsy on the sidelines. There was a lot of pent up energy from the offensive unit, especially from Koch (QB #22).

With about 4 minutes left to play, I stuck with my game plan and sent Root (QB #5) to try to guide us back to the lead. And then, again following my game plan, I inserted Koch in on third down plays. Koch has proven to be an effective scrambler. And then I departed from my game plan and ran a bunch of no huddle offenses, with Koch still at quarterback. We kept the Tigers off balance and actually had an easy time down the field, with Koch taking the ball in himself, running it in from about eleven yards out. Will my opponents ever learn? 14-10 with 2:43 left to play.

Plenty of time. We should've taken longer to give our defense a longer rest.

Just like their last drive, the Tigers converted on fourth down; however, a holding penalty was called against them, setting up a fourth-and-16. AND AGAIN THEY CONVERTED! But senior cornerback Bennett (CB #10), out of desperation and frustration, whacks at the ball and actually strips it from the receiver, causing a fumble. K Anderson (SS #26) picks it up.

I run down the clock and then, with a second left, let Chi (K #40) kick a short field goal. There it is, our first bowl victory. Holy moly.


score: 17-10
first downs: 15-12
total offense: 245-264
rushes - yards: 28-100 --- 28-63
comp-att-TD: 14-24-0 --- 15-27-0
passing yards: 145-201
sacked: 1-1
turnovers: 0-3
fumbles - lost: 1-0 --- 2-1
intercepted: 0-2
top: 15:10 -- 16:50


Root (QB #5) 96.0 rating, 8-17 for 99 yards
Koch (QB #22) 140.9 rating, 6-7 for 46 yards; 6-48 rush (8.0 avg), 1 TD
Wetzel (HB #47) 20-42 rush (2.0 avg), 1 TD
Franklin (WR #81) 9-86 rec (9.5 avg)
Finner (WR #83) 3-37 (12.3 avg)


Umali (CB #3) 6 tackles (1 for loss), 1 forced fumble
Conti (MLB #72) 5 tackles (2 for loss)
Straka (CB #1) 5 tackles (1 for loss)
Anderson (SS #26) 1 int, 2 pass deflects, 1 fumble recovery
Bennett (CB #10) 3 tackles (1 for loss), 1 forced fumbe


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    Good job, coach!

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