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The Milwaukee Penguins is the Division 1A collegiate football team for Milwaukee College. We're a school "known for its academics." This is a record of our accomplishments, on the field and off.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Season 2, Game 3: vs U North Carolina

University of North Carolina Tar Heels (#67) vs. Milwaukee College Penguins (#115)

Ugly. Everybody and their mother got on Koch (QB #22) during the time between games: is the real Koch the person with the 162 quarterback rating and three touchdown passes that we all saw in the season opener? Or is the real Koch the quarterback with the 62 rating and only 121 total yards that we saw at homecoming?

To be sure, I was curious myself, so there was no doubt who will be starting the game against the University of North Carolina.

And to be honest - and I don't use that term lightly - it wouldn't have mattered. We played like fools out there. Buoyed by the 3 interceptions last game, our secondary tried to intercept every thrown ball. As you know, that usually puts the defender out of position if they miss. And so we continually got burned down the field.

Koch was ineffective. It's tough when you have the expectations of a football-crazed city on your shoulders. In almost two quarters of work, he was 3 for 10 with a net 0 (yes, zero) yards in the air. His one interception got run back for a TD.

The Tar Heels put tremendous pressure on Koch; he got sacked five times and he rushed his throws too many times to count. In sum, we turned the ball over six times! Two on fumbles and four on passes. Root (QB #5) came in but as I said, it didn't matter. The score was 21-0 at the half, and it ballooned up to 56-7 by the game's end. It's not like we're playing the Ohio State Buckeyes here!


score: 56-7
first downs: 17-17
total offense: 407-334
rushes - yards: 18-69 --- 32-89
comp-att-TD: 19-33-5 --- 24-44-1
passing yards: 338-245
sacked: 0 - 5
turnovers: 3-6
fumbles - lost: 1 -1 --- 3 - 2
intercepted: 2 - 4
t.o.p: 13:25 -- 18:35


Root (QB #5) 114.4 rating 21-34 for 245 yards, 1 TD, 3 INT
Wetzel (HB #47) 18-84 rush (4.6 avg) 1 TD; 7-67 yards rec
Montgomery (WR #15) 6-93 yards rec, 1 TD
S. Buccheri (RG #59) 16 pancakes
Bogner (LT #52) 7 pancakes


Straka (CB #1) 6 tackles, 1 INT, 1 pass deflect
R. Umali (LOLB #50) 4 tackles
S. Umali (MLB #43) 3 tackles, 1 INT, 1 pass deflect
Miller (RE #62) 3 tackles (1 for loss)
K. Anderson (SS #26) 3 tackles, 1 INT, 1 pass deflect

Notes: Columbus (WR #82) came out of the game with a pinched nerve. She's questionable for our next game. The one bright spot of the game was that Buccheri (RG #59) finally got into form: 16 pancakes. That's a new record.


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