The Milwaukee Penguins

The Milwaukee Penguins is the Division 1A collegiate football team for Milwaukee College. We're a school "known for its academics." This is a record of our accomplishments, on the field and off.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Season 3: Pre-Season Thoughts

My superiors in the Milwaukee College Athletic Department have made me aware that this is the season. My contract only runs through three seasons. While I've increased the visibility of the school and its attendant prestige, I still haven't posted a winning season nor seriously been considered by any of the multitude of bowls. A winning season is a must for this season if I'm to have any chance of retaining my job. The bowl bid will natural follow.

Look for Game 2 versus Kansas State as an early test. It's actually our only Pre-Season Top 25 match-up on the schedule. Notre Dame, whom we meet in Game 6, is ranked at 29 before the season's start. The schedule's difficulty is ranked at three stars. Our opponent's average pre-season rating is 66.

I'm excited for our season. Our defense only gets better with the addition of my brother, R. Umali (CB #73), at cornerback. Our top top recruits this season, both wide receivers, give us the much-needed speed at that position. Maybe this is the season that an actual wide receiver will lead my team in receptions; for the past two seasons, it's been Wetzel (HB #47).


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