The Milwaukee Penguins

The Milwaukee Penguins is the Division 1A collegiate football team for Milwaukee College. We're a school "known for its academics." This is a record of our accomplishments, on the field and off.

Friday, August 05, 2005


How does one deal with a loss like that? One reads about the world. One stops talking about football. For instance, tomorrow is the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. Democracy Now! has a really good program re-visiting that day.

I also spent some significant time in the morning and midday recruiting, socializing with one of my defensive tackles - but never once talked about our heart-breaking loss to the Thundering Herd. To a person, football is never the number one reason why any of my players are in Milwaukee, so it's refreshing to be reminded of that, of how rich and full their lives are outside of the gridiron. Sure, we spoke about athletics - but in a more round-about way. It was more aesthetics than athletics.

FINAL UPDATE on "Fat Tuesday" - Nobody on this team, that I am now aware of, has any contact with the legendary "Fat Tuesday." Perhaps he (or she) is being recruited by another team? Perhaps that person doesn't want to play for the Penguins?